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Watch the video on their homepage for more info.

Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Poll Everywhere

Free, easy to use, text and online-based polling tool. Get instant feedback on a question, organically integrate a tech tool, get a conversation going.

Teach Parents Tech

Send your not-so-tech-savvy friends or family short how-to videos focused on accomplishing a specific task. It's not condescending, really.


Make your bookmarks travel (online), highlight text and more. Check out the video tutorial on their homepage.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MN Workplace Essential Skills

For ABE educators. Click on post title.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dangers of the Personalization of the Web, part 2

A very nice summary. Well worth the read. Click on post title.

Digital Native, Digital Brains

A nice introduction to the topic as related to employment. Click on post title.

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Tech Tips and Tricks

Even more great tips here.

Museums Online

This is what I've been hoping for, for years.

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Education Pays

This report is well worth the read. The graphs and charts are great teaching and talking points for your class.

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Your Brain on Computers - NY Times

A few great articles about our brains and behaviors in the digital age.

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Read this Post

Dear Hubbs colleague, if you read this post and email me with the subject line: BLOG, I will give you some chocolate! If you are a reader in the greater world, I cannot promise you said reward, but I hope you have found something useful on this blog.

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ABE and ESL Articles for Professional Development

Lot's of good reading here.

Integrating Computers in ABE

Here's a short article from 2005, but still very worth reading.

Tech Integration Info Article

Check out this great informational article on Tech Integration.

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